Giving Tuesday

Greetings Family and Friends:

We are dedicated to Help Us Become Better – Entertain Educate Empower. As a non-profit foundation, it is always imperative that you, we, cannot afford to fail or lose our youth and families, particularly those who depend on The H.U.B.B. and FP’s programs. Our youth, and well-structured programs, are urgently seeking your support. We humbly ask you, and your friends to stand in solidarity and support Help The HUBB THRIVE!  Your monetary pledge is so very important, and needed to maintain The HUBB THRIVE:

Thankfully Helping Real Individuals Voice Equality

We are not ashamed to speak on behalf of our youth and community that we serve, in soliciting monetary donations. Volunteer and mentoring opportunities are also available.  There are well over 25 reasons every current member, and alumni, of FP programs deserves your valuable pledge; but most importantly, the number one reason is that you CARE. Given the current decline of community resources, as well as the current incline of violence, conserving our daily operations and keeping our doors open is imperative! Please, help keep our 11-year legacy as one of the premier community centers that provides positive youth development programs and has gained local and national attention by helping thousands of youth and families.

All donations are needed and welcomed; and keep in mind that FP YouthOutCry Foundation d/b/a The HUBB is a 501c3 organization – the citizens of Newark supports The H.U.B.B. but most importantly, let them know that your $$ tax-deductible donation to  Help The HUBB THRIVE! shows that you care about the future of our youth and communities.

Thanking each of you in advance – because of faith – The HUBB will continue to THRIVE!  You Can Also Make Your PayPal Donation Today!


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